Monday, December 28, 2009

It has been a very long time...

Hi again..
I forgot my password for this blog because i do not make any new post. Actually I dont like to blog. But now i figure out i have to. Why? I just need to. :)

From now on, you will see my activities for year 2010. I will share my experience, my training materials, pictures and videos, and anything related to my current job.

If anyone would like to use any of my files (training materials, pictures and videos or anything), you are free to do so. Only things, please do not change my name. If you make any editing to my file(s), just put "edited by: your name" there.

I will try my best to have some materials in Malay..yes..i need dictionary..IT dictionary (Eng-Malay). I noticed that I put more effort, more time in preparing materials in Malays compared to English as I learnt IT in English. It is weird for me to call mouse as tetikus, keyboard as papan kekunci (i think so..), copy as salin, cut as tampal..oh no..i don't think I will use that term. coz there is no salin in the sub-menu. so it is COPY. ok?

My english is not so good, but at least I am trying. :) so please, let us try together. Let us learn English together.

Ok..see u in the next post.

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  1. yea, i agree.. it's not practical for us to translate those terms into malay, coz it might sounds weird. plus, those english terms are being used worlwide. but we have to as we are goin to teach primary school studs. it is so sad to see some of them who still having problem with their malay language.